20 Trustworthy SEO Techniques for 2020

Is SEO essential for every business, or just chosen ones to require it? Do you have to invest in SEO? Most of the online startups have these questions in their mind. 

It is necessary to know that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is Google’s method of classifying which websites should place high. In that case, when SEO is missing, it is difficult for every business to manage the search results and rank higher on their websites in search engines.

SEO is effective for keeping fair search results. It is easy to say that SEO supports websites to appear in search results. Now it’s time to dive into 20 Trustworthy SEO Techniques For 2020 and that will be more helpful for the growth of your business. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. General Introduction

  2. 20 Trustworthy SEO Techniques For 2020

  • Use the perfect Keywords on Reddit
  • Maintain the Site on Google RankBrain
  • Update and Republish Old Blog
  • Google AdWords ads
  • Steal Best Keywords
  • Shareability of your content
  • Linking to Authority Sites
  • Your Page Lying on 2nd Page 
  • Use One Word concept to Your Outreach Email and Improve Your Response Activity by 40 to 45%
  • Best  Blog content for YouTube Description
  • Unique Content For “Semantic SEO”
  •  Insert Long Keywords In Headline Tags
  • Use Famous Platforms for Keyword and Content Opinions
  • Use Most beneficial Records to Find the Remarkable Link Building Option.
  •  At Least 1,850 Words in the Blog
  • Focus on First Link Priority 
  • Create Own Keywords
  • Search Out The Undiscovered Keywords With This Secret SEO Tool
  • Find Particular Link Building Events Using Flippa
  • The Google Search Console is the best SEO tool on the market.
  1. Conclusion

  1. Use the perfect Keywords on Reddit

Mostly you have visited The First Page of the Internet on a daily routine. Have you heard of Reddit before? You may not know that Reddit is a keyword analysis of GOLDSTEP.

Now we’re going to discuss how this process works:

For example, you have written an article about IT technologies. You’d head right to IT technologies subreddit. And to check the audience on Reddit, Just write the topic name on the search bar. If you get topics on Reddit, then people search it in the Google search engine. Then it defines it as the perfect keyword for your topic.

2. Maintain the Site on Google RankBrain

People have to follow Google based on the RankBrain algorithm.

Google RankBrain is Google’s premier machine learning algorithm. It uses to check how you communicate with the results on the front page:

You know the number of Google users you attract on your site, the higher rank you get. The backlinks, keywords, and other popular steps are important. But RankBrain is used for great results on the search engine.

3. Update and Republish Old Blog

Every year there is an update on each blog content and also needs to use the trending keywords on that blog. So it is necessary to update the blog content from time to time. Upgrade old content and republish it on the site. Along with this use the backlink, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO with unique keywords. And it will increase the traffic on your site.

4. Google AdWords ads

The AdWords ads that you see in daily life are rival keywords and also a result of hundreds of split tests. And Split tests are used to maximize clicks.

For best results, you can do the copy ads to use your headline and information tags into click attractions. If we discuss an example- When you go to publish a blog on site, In that case first check the AdWords ads for that specific used keyword. 

📍3 Tips to Get Help from Google Ads Community - Google Ads Community

Along with this, also check the tags that include words that are confirmed to generate clicks. When you use these terms in meta tags, then it helps to get more clicks.

5. Steal Best Keywords

Always need to find the exact keywords that your opponents already used and also achieve the best rank. Find a leading opponent site that’s already ranking strongly in search engines. 

Select the site which is doing great in terms of SEO. Now paste the site’s homepage into a SEMrush it is a keyword research tool. From keyword research tools you’ll get a list of keywords that they use. Many keywords won’t make sense according to your content. But those keywords are helpful for your growth. So don’t avoid them.

6. Shareability of your content

Sharing is important if you want the best rank on the search engine. 

Without using backlinks on your site it is a bit difficult to get a good rank in Google.

If you do regular link building on your site, then it will generate over Lakhs visitors from social media, and search engines. Social sharing always brings you more traffic. And some people might join you, it is helpful for your rankings.

7. Linking to Authority Sites

 Google’s important algorithm is called Hilltop. It still plays an important role in today’s search engine. Hilltop is an on-page SEO flag, which tells Google whether a page is a core of knowledge or not. Information Hubs are defined by the relevancy and essence of that page’s outbound links. The pages you link out serve to show the topic of your web page. That link is helpful resources and also manages to be high quality than pages that only link to their stuff.

8. Your Page Lying on 2nd Page 

If you’re on sheet 2nd of Google’s search results, it is the same as you on page 50. Because 95% of users check only the 1st page of search engines and out of the 80% people check 1st 5 links. Our new Google CTR study noticed that less than 1% of Google searches finish the 2nd page. Mostly the quality content gets stuck on the 2nd, 3rd pages if it is not properly optimized for search engines. For growth use, the powerful SEO technique submits some internal links. 

Easy 3-step process:
  1. Apply Google Search Console to detect keywords that helps you to increase the rank page.
  2. Recognize authoritative pages on site.
  3. Need to add internal links.

9. Use One Word concept to Your Outreach Email and Improve Your Response Activity by 40 to 45%

When someone gets an email, they check it for once and always want to know the reason for mail. The quicker you reply to these questions in your emails, the greater your response rate will be. A person gets several emails in a day and hardly they read it. Here you need to write the catchy subject and content. So people will check it and feel interested in your work. If you succeed in this task, you will get a better rank on search engines because it will help to gather visitors for your site.

10. Best  Blog content for YouTube Description

It is necessary to write down the content in the description on YouTube. When people upload the video on YouTube, they write too short content on the description box. It is a tremendous mistake. Google can’t watch or hear your video content. It relies on your video’s text-based headline and description information to decide what your video is delivering. And the text content also helps you to get a higher rank by using targeted keywords. The description is the biggest reason to view a video on the first page of YouTube. 

11. Unique Content For “Semantic SEO”

Google also follows a new search algorithm called Hummingbird. Earlier in the Hummingbird, Google investigated the particular keywords on the page. Now Google can follow the TOPIC of your page. Google search engines use Semantic Search to understand the topics and rank search results.  First, you need to optimize your page for almost your targeted keyword. Then, you can cover subtopics correlated to your target keyword. Now Google can completely understand the text of your page. When you cover the subtopics in your text content,  then it will be ready to optimize for Semantic Search.

12. Insert Long Keywords In Headline Tags

When people use one or two keywords in the title tag in that case they are neglecting an enormous amount of search engine traffic. It is necessary to use the long titles, in which you can cover the many keywords. Because it follows the “give and take” policy. As much as you can use the keywords on your content you will get more traffic on the site. So it’d be super beneficial for you to provide more keywords to content and get great traffic.

13. Use Famous Platforms for Keyword and Content Opinions

Do you want untapped keywords that your opponent doesn’t know?

You can use the Keyword Planner, it is nice for monthly research quantity information. But it is not sufficient for new topic ideas. You need a social mind and human mind for it. And Wikipedia is a contribution of thousands of human minds. You will normally get many useful keywords and content ideas from each Wikipedia entry. If you want more keyword opinions, then you can check the internal links of that page.

14. Use Most beneficial Records to Find the Remarkable Link Building Option.

If you prepare a lot of links building, then you know that a record of the high-quality, niche-relevant article is like cash in the bank. Normally bloggers create the lists of most immeasurable blog posts.

You will notice the Best of blogs are only hand-curated lists of the greatest blogs in a particular industry. You can find these most salutary blogs from.

 certain searches:
  • blogs to follow with keywords
  • most useful [keyword] 2020
  • top blog keyword of 2020

When you search for a single check, you will find the list of several blogs regarding that specific searched item.

15. At Least 1,850 Words in the Blog

In the article, you can use the minimum 360-word blog posts as well. But according to our research, millions of Google search engine results found that the normal word count of a leading page on Google was 1,880 words.

Search Engine GIF | Gfycat

Even long content is also useful for your site, and it is mobile-friendly. Long posts present Google that you have delivered in-depth knowledge for searchers. So it is important to use 1800 – 1900 words in the blog if you want fast growth on the search engine.

16. Focus on First Link Priority 

When you have multiple links tending to a page on your site and they are on the same page. In that case, Google notices the first link. Because it follows the First Link Priority Rule. Because navigation is at the tip of the page, Google understands those links first. Use rich keywords in your site’s which are easily navigated by google.

17. Create Own Keywords

This is the best option in SEO that you can create your own keywords for the content. When you write unique content at that time use the famous and most used keywords in that article. But when we talk about a long content, famous, and most searched article, you can create a new keyword also with link building strategy.

18. Search Out The Undiscovered Keywords With This Secret SEO Tool

You may know that mostly your competition will also use the same keywords that you are using. To find out the unique and best keywords for your content, you need to visit the site. In this site, you just need to enter the content scenario like what someone would do to find your content online. The site will provide you with a list of target customers’ point of view, what keywords they would use for search.

19. Find Particular Link Building Events Using Flippa

Google wants high relevance of the links that point to your site. provides you the opportunity to link building for your specific site. It is a kind of mart for a site where people sell their sites on this platform. The best part of the deal is they regularly show you their keywords, link sources, and content marketing strategy. In other words, we can say that Flippa is a marketplace where webmasters have the opportunity to go and obtain new and previously established websites. Here owners usually list the area that they obtained backlinks in the description.

20. The Google Search Console is the best SEO tool on the market.

There are many SEO based software in the market, but the data you get from Google Search Console is accurate because it comes straight from Google. It is a free web-based SEO option for webmasters to trace the indexing and crawling statistics from the Googlebot, and it also provides metrics to help optimize a website for prime visibility.  

How to Use Google Search Console to Improve SEO

You can locate your Admin console through Need to insert your email address and password to sign in. And then the console screen appears. Google already announced that those who have an Android app connected with their website can immediately get data about the application performance in Google Search Console. You can now see your application clicks, CTR, position, and impressions with separate search features in the performance report.


There’s a lot to recognize, but remember you don’t need to become the world’s top SEO specialist overnight. Attempt to grasp even the basics of SEO, and you’ll observe a significant variation in your website’s click-through rates, engagement and, of course, rankings all based on the above-mentioned techniques. 



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